Cold spark machines are the selected alternative in the direction of safe fireworks. Cold spark machines referenced on this site are all premier lines and models of all spark related machines, and are rated to be the safest as well as the most user-friendly amongst all others online.

Due to this relatively new technology, there are a lot of questions and a ton of misleading information online. Due to this lack of information has stepped up to the plate to provide you the most sought after brands, models, and vows to provide you all relevant details amongst this new technology.

From the design of the machine, the internals, the heating element, the output and all other questions surrounding these spark machines, Our friendly experts are here to assist with all your needs, requests, and questions.

To minimize confusion, we have created a brand page to update you on the relevant brands, their position in the industry, and more details about each. Some brands are manufacturers of these Cold Spark Machines, other brands sell these machines, and yet other brands also service these machines.

If you have questions such as, “Is this machine right for me?” or “Who is the perfect person or company for using this type of machine?” please head over to our About You page where this is explained in further detail.

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