CryoFX LLC As the World Leader in Co2 Special Effects, it is only appropriate to bring on the opposite effect to cold, Cold Sparks. CryoFX is the parent company of a series of brands you’ve most likely seen somewhere online when searching for anything related to special effects.

CryoFX LLC is the parent authorized seller of these subsequent brands and manufacturers of Cold Spark Machines:

iSparkFX and Sparkular

CryoFX LLC is also the largest repair facility for Cold Spark Machines altogether. This includes any make and model. Should you have another brand and need service, CryoFX service experts are standing by to assist you get your machine back up and running again, regardless the issue.

CryoFX LLC Subsidiaries

Companies owned by CryoFX cover a vast majority of the Special Effects world, including but not limited to;

  • Co2 Special Effects
  • Liquid Nitrogen Effects
  • Confetti Effects and Supplies
  • Fog & Haze Effects
  • Digital Electronics and Motion Control Effects Systems
  • Snow & Foam Effects


Sold through CryoFX LLC, The iSparkFX brand is a leading manufacturer of Cold Spark Machines. Currently upholding multiple models to address the needs of different clientele, this brand of Cold Spark Machines is the perfect fit for those with budget in mind and desiring a professional durable product.


Sold exclusively through CryoFX LLC, The Sparkular brand is the premier brand of Cold Spark Machines. With numerous models, covering both ends of the vertical spectrum (upward and downward) the Sparkular products will guarantee professional looks, lasting impressions, and functionality that others will not, of course when used with a Sparkular Controller and in multiple quantities.